Squad Locker Club Store

​Carmel United is now offering Spirit-wear through Squad Locker. You can order shirts, hoodies, hats, warm-ups, and much, much more all with the Carmel United logo. Choose from brands such as Under Armour, Adidas, Badger, and more. You can even personalize some items with the player's name and/or number. The folks at Squad Locker are always trying to improve their website and product offerings.  ​To visit our Squad Locker Club Store:



Admiral Web Store

Admiral provides uniforms to our entire Travel program. If you need to order extra uniform pieces (game jerseys, practice jerseys, shorts, socks, GK jersey, etc.), you can now do that directly through our Web Store.

NOTE: You cannot order jerseys with a different number than you were provided by the team/club! If you do so, you will be financially responsible for any additional replacement items with the correct number.  

​In addition to uniform items, Admiral also offers other apparel such as warm-ups, jackets, etc., all of which are available on our Web Store. You can even personalize some items with the player's name and/or number.

With Admiral, you can order at any time. The store never closes. However, you may want to consider coordinating any orders for your team because the initial shipping charge is $14, even if you're just ordering a pair of socks. 

To visit our Admiral Web Store: