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Most answers regarding our Recreational & Travel soccer programs can be found on this website.To avoid delays, please check thoroughly before contacting us. 

​Carmel United Soccer Club is located in Carmel, NEW YORK. We are not affiliated with any club in Indiana or elsewhere.

Team Formation


Travel teams will be formed and players assigned based on evaluations made at tryouts, as well as other factors. Evaluators will not be associated with players on a team in the age group. Players should try out for their appropriate gender and age group unless instructed otherwise by their coach or the Tryout Committee. Our goal is to form the most competitive teams possible while also keeping a positive team dynamic. This is not a "sign up and play" program. Players must try out and demonstrate the skills necessary to make the team. They must also demonstrate the commitment and personality traits expected for that particular team.

Carmel United maintains the philosophy that players should play age-appropriate whenever possible. With the approval of the Tryout Committee or Board of Directors, a player may try-out for an older age group (1 year up only). However, in order to be placed on a team in the older age group, the player must score in the top five at the tryouts for that older age group. Simply being the best player in their age-appropriate group does not qualify them for the older team. They must be one of the best five players in the OLDER age group to be considered for that team. This is the Club's "play-up" policy. Note: we generally do not allow this for players U12 or younger.

If teams are starting out with low roster numbers, players may be allowed to play up in order to allow a team to be formed. If there is no age-appropriate team, a player will be allowed to try out for the older team (1 year up only) without needing to be in the top five of that group with the understanding that if an age-appropriate group does form in the future, they will be placed on their age-appropriate team. If they wish to continue playing for the older age group, they must score in the top five of that older group during tryouts to be considered. 

Players who do not attend a scheduled tryout may forfeit their opportunity to play on a team in that gender/age group if sufficient players are available to form a team. Players not accepted on a travel team have the option to play in our Inhouse program if an appropriate age group exists. 

Players will be notified as tryouts are completed for an age group and teams are formed. Players accepted on a team must be registered within 72 hours of notification or risk losing their roster spot. New travel players are required to supply a copy of their birth certificate and a photo within one week of registration, if not provided at tryouts.

Tryouts for premier teams do not adhere to the same tryout process as other travel teams in the Club. Premier tryouts may be limited to players who have been pre-screened and/or may be on an invitation-only basis. Tryouts are organized by the individual team and evaluations may be made by the team's coaches and trainers. The "play-up" policy still applies.

Please contact with any questions.