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Carmel United starts Travel at the U9 age group.



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​Tryouts for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 season were completed in May of 2022. Some teams may still have roster spots available. If there is interest in trying out, please notify us by email at to find out if there is availability. Be sure to include your name and phone number along with the player's name, birth year, and playing experience (Club, team, years, etc.) in your email.         ​(845) 520-7502 to leave us a message


Most answers regarding our Recreational & Travel soccer programs can be found on this website.To avoid delays, please check thoroughly before contacting us. 

​Carmel United Soccer Club is located in Carmel, NEW YORK. We are not affiliated with any club in Indiana or elsewhere.

Carmel United offers a travel program for those players looking for a more advanced soccer experience. Our travel program is a competitive endeavor requiring a higher level of commitment both in time and financially. We hold tryouts in April or May of each year. There is a finite roster sized which means, in most cases, not every player trying out will make the team. 


Our club competes in the East Hudson Youth Soccer League (EHYSL) which is affiliated with Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Premier-level teams participate in the NY Club Soccer League (NYCSL) which is affiliated with US Club Soccer. There are separate teams and divisions for girls and boys. Level of competition and training prepares players for high school level of play. We also stress sportsmanship, fitness, organization, team commitment and other skills the young players will keep with them the rest of their lives.

Travel teams practice two times a week during the fall and spring at a facility in the Carmel/Patterson area. Practices may start any time after 5pm. During the winter there are indoor practices once/week in an indoor facility. As travel soccer requires a higher level of commitment, attendance at practices is expected.

With the exception of premier teams, games are generally scheduled Sunday afternoons between 12:00 noon and 5:00 PM. Premier teams may play on Saturday or Sunday. The fall season starts first week of September and runs until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The spring season begins the first Sunday in April and runs until mid June. There are typically 8-10 games scheduled in the fall and 8-10 scheduled in the spring. One half of these games are played at our home fields in the Carmel area, including Carmel High School, George Fischer Middle School, Matthew Paterson Elementary School, and Patterson Veterans Memorial Park. The other half of games are played against other soccer clubs from Putnam, Dutchess, Westchester, Orange, and Ulster counties. Premier teams may travel further distances for away games (NYC, CT, Long Island, etc.)

There are no games scheduled Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend, Easter, Passover, or Memorial Day weekend, but individual teams may elect to participate in tournaments those weekends. Teams may also compete in indoor tournaments and/or winter leagues sponsored by other clubs or venues.

We provide our coaches with licensing and training opportunities. All travel coaches are required to complete at least an 'F' license course from USSF. Many of our coaches have advanced licenses and/or NSCAA diplomas. Some have decades of playing and youth soccer and high school coaching experience. Some teams elect to hire professional youth trainers to train their teams. The cost for trainers and tournaments are borne by the team. Teams may do fundraising to cover some of these costs and/or they may require out-of-pocket contributions from players. 

Travel teams will be formed and players assigned based on evaluations made at tryouts, as well as other factors. Our goal is to form competitive teams while also keeping a positive team dynamic. This is not a "sign up and play" program. Players must try out and demonstrate the skills or aptitude necessary to make the team. They must also demonstrate the commitment and personality traits expected for that particular team.

If we have enough players, we will form two teams in the same age group to maximize the number of players playing Travel soccer. We will not form an “A” and “B” team as we do not feel that is in the best interest of players in developmental age groups (under U13). Instead, we will form two balanced (or as balanced as possible) teams with a focus on developing all the players equally.

Carmel United maintains the philosophy that players are best served by playing age-appropriate whenever possible, especially at developmental ages (U12 and under). With approval, a player may try-out for an older age group (1 year up only). However, in order to be placed on the older team, the player must score in the top five at the tryouts for the older team. Simply being the best player in their age-appropriate group does not qualify them for the older team. They must be one of the best five players in the OLDER age group to be considered for that team. This is the Club's "play-up" policy. Note: we generally do not allow this for players at developmental ages at all. In the case of a rare exception, the player would need to score in the top three to be considered.

If teams are starting out with low roster numbers, players may be allowed to play up in order to allow a team to be formed. If there is no age-appropriate team, a player will be allowed to try out for the older team (1 year up only) with the understanding that if an age-appropriate group does form in the future, they will be placed on their age-appropriate team. 

Players will be notified as tryouts are completed for an age group and teams are formed. Players accepted on a team must be registered within 72 hours of notification or risk losing their roster spot. New travel players are required to supply a copy of their birth certificate and a photo within one week of registration, if not provided at tryouts.

Players who do not attend a scheduled tryout may forfeit their opportunity to play on a team in that gender/age group if sufficient players are available to form a team. Players not accepted on a travel team have the option to play in our Inhouse program if an appropriate age group exists. 

Evaluators will not be associated with players on a team in the age group. Players should try out for their appropriate gender and age group unless instructed otherwise by their coach or the Tryout Committee.

Tryouts for high school-aged teams may not adhere to the same tryout process as other travel teams in the Club. Tryouts may be organized by the individual team and evaluations may be made by the team's coaches.

Please contact with any questions.

We are always looking for individuals to coach our Travel Players. Although playing and coaching in the past helps, it is our experience that dedication to player development as well as organization and communications skills make excellent youth soccer coaches. The most successful coaches produce players that develop a love for the game and continue with the sport long after they have played for the coach. The Club provides reimbursement for accredited coaching education.

If you are interested in coaching for our Travel program,  please send an email with a brief resume to
info@carmelsoccer.comOnce approved by the Club for a travel team, you must complete 4 tasks before being added to a roster... Travel Coaching Instructions

Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Season

US Soccer Federation Age Group Requirements

Full-year registration fee beginning with Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 season:

  • Registration fee: $395
  • Payment plan is available if registered by July.
  • You will receive $100 in raffle tickets at the start of the season. You can sell those tickets and keep the money which lowers your out-of-pocket cost.
  • $25 late fee may be imposed if registration is not completed in a timely manner.
  • All new players are required to purchase a full uniform kit (primary game jersey, alternate game jersey, practice jersey, shorts, and socks) at the time of registration. Cost for a complete kit is $95. Once purchased, the same uniform can be used each year as long as it still fits...unless the uniform style changes.​ 
  • Individual travel teams may also collect additional money to cover training, tournaments, and other team-related expenses. Some (or all) of these costs may be deferred through fundraising activities. You would need to check with your coaches or team manager for specific details.
  • There are no refunds for Travel.

Team Formation

Travel Fees

  • League registration: 15-20%
  • Outdoor practice space: 10-15%
  • League games (grass field): 5-10%
  • Referee fees: 10-20%
  • Winter indoor practice space: 35-50%
  • Club overhead:​ 3-5%
    • Marketing/advertising, administrative expenses, meeting space, porta potties, ​misc. supplies​
  • ​Club fundraising requirement: 5%
  • Tryout expenses: 2-4%
  • Field maintenance: 2-4%
  • Credit card processing fee: 3%