Tryout Schedule for Other Teams: 

  • Boys and Girls born in 2011 (U9): May 11th and 18th at 3 PM at George Fischer Middle School immediately following Inhouse at 3:00 PM.
  • Boys 2002/03 Cobras (HS): Team plays in EDP and does college showcases. There will be rolling, open tryouts every Tuesday evening atCarmel High School from 7:00-8:30 PM and every Wednesday at George Fischer Middle Schoolfrom 6:00-8:00 PM. Tryouts will run from Tuesday May 7th through Wednesday June 5th. If interested in attending, please contact Coach Gene Sepe at or (914) 523-5193 in advance.
  • Boys/Girls born in 2004: If you are interested in forming a new team, register now. If there is enough interest, a tryout will be scheduled at a later date. 

For all age groups: ​​​​You must register to tryout.

Travel Tryouts 

  • You must register in advance to try out! Registration is free.
  • Tryouts for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 travel teams will take place on Saturday, April 27th and May 4th at Patterson Town Park for players born 2005 through 2010.
  • Tryouts for players born in 2011 will take place on Saturday, May 11th and May 18th at George Fischer Middle School immediately after Inhouse at 3:00 PM.
  • Players born in 2004 who are interested in potentially playing for a travel team should also register now. If there is enough interest in this age group, we will schedule a tryout TBD. 
  • We recognize community and religious events take place at this time of year which is why we schedule two days of tryouts. While attendance at both tryout days is recommended, especially for new players, it is not required. The highest score from the two days will be used for those players who attend both days. 
  • ​All new AND returning players must try out to be considered!
  • When registering, you will be given two age groups to choose from:
    • The default age group will be the appropriate age group based on the player's birth year. This is the age group most players will select, including ALL NEW travel players to the club.
    • Below your age-appropriate group will be an option for the next age group. If you currently play for a Carmel travel team in an older age group, you would select this second option, unless you want to try out for your age appropriate team instead.
    • Both options will include the team name for easy identification, with the exception of age groups where a team does not currently exist.
    • The system will only allow you to register for one tryout. If a player wishes to tryout for their current team and their age-appropriate team, you should register for the team they currently play for, then email with your request for the other age group.
  • If trying out for an age group older than the age-appropriate group and the player is not currently on the team, the player must rank in the top 5 of the older age group to be considered unless there is no age-appropriate team. 
    • Note: we generally do not allow this for players U12 or younger.
  • The tentative tryout schedule is on the right. Dates/Times are subject to change. Check back the day before tryouts for any updates or changes to the schedule.​


  • ​Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tryout time to check in and be assigned a numbered vest. These must be returned at the end of the tryout.
  • Bring a ball, shin guards, and water. Cleats are recommended.
  • All NEW potential travel players must bring a copy of their birth certificate. You cannot register without providing this document.
  • New players will be photographed on-site.
  • Tryouts will be approximately 1 hour unless otherwise indicated.
  • Please contact with any questions. 

​​Travel Tryout Schedule (4/27 & 5/4)

(subject to change) 

TimeAge GroupCurrent Team
8:00 AM 
 B/G 2010 (U10) Fuzion
9:15 AM 

 Boys 2009 (U11)


10:30 AM 

 Girls 2009 (U11)

 Girls 2008 (U12)

 Blue Lightning

11:45 AM 

 Boys 2008 (U12)

 Boys 2007 (U13)


1:15 PM 

 Boys 2006 (U14)

 Boys 2005 (U15) 

 Blue Storm

2:30 PM 

 Girls 2007 (U13)