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Mission Statement


All members of Carmel United's Board of Directors are volunteers and are not compensated in any way for serving on the Board.

  President & Head of Travel Soccer  Joe Matera
  Vice President & Head of Inhouse Soccer  Barbara Ferreira
  Vice President
  Phil Larkin
  Secretary  Vacant (Joe Matera)
  Treasurer  Vacant
  Marketing Coordinator  Vacant (Joe Matera)
  Travel Coordinator  Vacant (Joe Matera)
  Inhouse Coordinator  Vacant (Barbara Ferreira)
  Head Coach & Academy Director  Vasiliy Shevelchinsky
  Head Referee Assigner  Keren Larkin
  Field Coordinator  Vacant (Joe Matera)

  Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator

  Liala Sardo
  Trustee  Vacant


Who Are We?


Carmel United Soccer Club is committed to providing activities through our Inhouse Recreational, Travel, and Academy programs that offer both social and physical development for children of all skill levels in a supportive and safe environment. We shall encourage and promote good sportsmanship, athletic development, and community involvement. Our goal will be to prepare our athletes for the next level of competition through age-appropriate training in a positive development environment while maintaining a fun and enjoyable experience. ​​

Our Travel program will provide a higher level of play for those committed players who are ready for the next level. Teams will be afforded the opportunity to play at the highest level possible while remaining competitive. Our goal shall be to continually challenge players while working towards reaching the next level, whatever that may be.

Carmel United will always strive to operate to the best of our ability within the context of the following principles:

  • To enhance player self-esteem, confidence, emotional development, and overall character
  • To always put the best interest of the player above all others.
  • To provide equal access to the appropriate developmental programs for both boys and girls.
  • To maintain a balanced perspective on the outcome of games and sportsmanship.
  • To assure that all adults associated with the program are exemplary role models of sportsmanship, leadership, and support.

Founded in 1980, Carmel United Soccer Club (of New York) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to soccer. As a not-for-profit, our board members are not paid. We are not a school or town sponsored program, but our players predominantly come from within the Carmel Central School District. The Club offers a competitive travel program for ages 8 through HS and an inhouse/rec program for ages 3 through 13. We are committed to the training of our players to prepare them for high school level competition and beyond.

The Board of Directors meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month. If you would like to place an item on the agenda, you must email us at in advance of the meeting or there will not be time for your topic.

Our Annual General Meeting takes place at the regularly scheduled June board meeting. At the AGM, elections are held for elected board positions and proposed changes to By-Laws are voted on. Nominations and proposed changes must be received at two weeks prior to the meeting to be considered.

Due to COVID-19, our Board meetings have been taking place via Zoom. 

2018/19 Board of Directors

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