Grade 8 Referee Course is open to all individuals 14 years of age or older.  Visit the HVRSA website for more details and contact info.

Grade 8 referee course summary:

  • The course can be completed in as little as one full day.
  • There is an online portion that needs to be completed in advance of the course (approximately 1.5 - 3 hours).
  • Individuals participating in the course must attend ALL DATES.
  • Individuals should bring a pen and a notepad with them to all meeting dates to prepare for the final test.
  • The final test consists of 100 multiple choice questions in which a participant must score a 75 or higher.
  • Individuals should also bring a bagged lunch with them to the course dates, a half hour break will be given on the Saturday sessions. 

There is no longer a Grade 9 certification for referees. Click on this link for the most current information: Eastern New York Referee Association

Grade 8 Course Info

Travel Game Assignments

Referees can begin at 14 years old. Referees are paid for their services and will be reimbursed the cost of their annual certification course, or a portion thereof, at the following rate:

  • If the referee officiates 8 or more games for the Club during the calendar year in which their patch is designated, they will receive 100% of their course fee.
  • If the referee officiates 6 or 7 games that year, they will receive 75% of their course fee.
  • If the referee officiates 4 or 5 games that year, they will receive 50% of their course fee.
  • If the referee officiates 2 or 3 games that year, they will receive 25% of their course fee.
  • ​No reimbursement for less than 2 games officiated.

It is the responsibility of the referee to get their games in, not the Club assignor. It is also the referee's responsibility to notify the Club assignor to request reimbursement.

Contact Head Referee Keren Larkin if you are going for certification, want to be included as a Club referee, or if you need more info.

Recertification & Registration


Referees are assigned to U12 and under, non-Division 1, HOME games by the Club. All other Travel games (U13 and up, U12 Division 1) are assigned referees by the Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association. Follow your games Operating Procedure on how coach notification for these games are handled.