Where the Money Comes From and Where it Goes

Carmel United Soccer is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the sport of soccer. We are not part of any state, county, town, or school district program and we receive no taxpayer funding. All Board members are volunteers. Travel revenues come from player registration, tournament fees, and sponsors. Inhouse revenues come only from player registration. Recently there has been limited general fundraising. Most fundraising has been done by individual Travel teams that keep those revenues for themselves.

Much of the money goes to usage fees for indoor and outdoor grass and turf fields as well as  gym and meeting room facilities fees. These expenses are paid to the towns of Carmel and Patterson, the Patterson Park district, the Carmel School District, and Carmel Sports Club. We must also pay separately to buy equipment and supplies and to maintain the fields at Matthew Patterson Elementary School, Patterson Memorial Park and Camarda Park. We must also pay East Hudson Youth Soccer League and NY Club Soccer players registration fees and referee fees.


The Club's board of directors unanimously voted to take steps to raise money for our Club.  While our annual registration fees cover most of the costs, the costs associated with running the Club have been increasing year over year. We have kept our registration fees relatively steady over recent years and we would like to continue this trend.

Beginning with the 2016/17 season, the Club has instituted a mandatory $20 club fundraising fee for each player, payable at the time of registration. In return, each player will receive $50 in raffle tickets at the start of the season. Players have the option to sell these tickets and keep the $50, thus lowering their overall cost.

The raffle drawing will be held on Inhouse Tournament & Trophy Day in June. Prizes for the raffle are as follows:

  • 1st prize: New iPad
  • 2nd prize: Registration fee for the following season ($150 cash for non-registrants)
  • 3rd prize: Red Bulls memorabilia

Money raised this fall will directly benefit the children that participate in both the Inhouse and Travel programs by being directed towards managing the costs of the following aspects of our Club:

  • EHYSL dues and fees (for both Inhouse and Travel players as well as coaches)
  • Fees for the use of the fields (Carmel Central School District and town fields)
  • Fees for the use of an indoor turf facility over the winter
  • Supplies, including but not limited to balls, goals, field lining paint etc.
  • Referee fees

Travel Team Cheesecake Fundraiser

​Travel teams can raise funds during the winter for their teams. Contact us at for more information. 43% of funds raised (cheesecakes sold) are retained by individual travel teams.

Sponsorship Forms

Club Scholarships

​On May 25, 2023, Carmel United Soccer Club awarded the Christopher Tompkins Scholarship to Carmel United alumni and Carmel High School seniors:

  • Kate Suazo (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  • Teagan Weindel (UDenver)
  • Max Reekie (Mass. College of Pharmacy)
  • Kyle Klammer (College of St. Rose)
  • Danny Thut (UAlbany)
  • Matt Matera (UAlbany)

​​Congratulations and best of luck!

The Club will continue raising money for these scholarships through various club fund raisers. We thank those sponsors for their contribution to the youth of the community. We will be awarding scholarships again in May/June 2024.

Criteria and instructions on how to apply